Barbara Vaughn

Almost inevitably, there are tensions in the picture, tensions between the outside world and inside world. For me a successful picture resolves these without eliminating them...  - Aaron Siskind

Barbara Vaughn is a fine-art photographer based in San Francisco and New York City. Since 2013, her signature waterscape photographs have been the subject of 8 solo and numerous group shows in the U.S. and abroad. The result of her quest to discover and document abstraction in the real world, these mesmerizing reflections in moving water explore the parameters of vision and cognition. The challenge of trying to recreate the original scene engages the viewers' power of imagination in unexpected ways. 

In 2018, Vaughn returned to her artistic roots in black-and-white representational photography to create the series entitled MAYDAY in which she incorporates images from her extensive nude series into studies/photographs of abandoned and decaying man made structures. This unlikely pairing creates both a compositional and socio-psychological tension which references ongoing gender and power issues in contemporary society.

A successful NYC portrait photographer, Vaughn has photographed many luminaries in entertainment, business, and the arts. Her work has been published in numerous books, The New York Times, TimeVanity FairVogueand Art in America among other publications. Her fine art photographs have been exhibited across the U.S. and internationally.

Vaughn graduated from Princeton University and attended the International Center of Photography in NYC, in addition to other photographic programs. She is represented by several galleries in the US and her artwork is in numerous prestigious private collections.

Barbara Vaughn combines her love of water and an appetite for abstraction, and distills an inventive formula that 'springs from an unexpected confluence of nature and the man-made world…' For this artist, inspiration comes from the magic of harnessing water's inherent ability to mirror and transform the appearance of objects in and around it. Vaughn captures the reflective visual chemistry of the sun, sky and wind through a cameras lens at the decisive moment, which results in amazing abstract compositions whose original sources are barely recognizable, but memorably beautiful in their simplicity and ingenuity. - Bruce Helander, Huffington Post

Print information for Barbara Vaughn:
All prints are archival pigment prints, produced in editions of 5 in dimensions shown plus 2 artist proofs in variable sizes.