Gary Geboy

Gary Geboy

Gary Geboy’s 30 years in photography and cinematography have taken him around the world – from Peace Corps documentaries in Kyrgyzstan to a National Gallery of Art exhibit on ancient Mexico.  Gary Geboy makes each of his platinum/palladium prints in limited editions in his darkroom.

The natural world has fascinated me ever since I was a little kid. I collected bits of bone, dried cabbage leaves from late summer harvests and birds nests after winter snows fell and I knew that they’d disintegrate in the high winds of spring. The thought of all those things living, dying and crumbling back into the earth made me think, even at that age, about the cycle of life and how one day the same thing would happen to me. Time passed and the thought continues to haunt me. But now I want to stop the process and be able to keep those things forever. I had two choices: the first was to collect things and store the things I collected, at the point at which I choose to arrest the cycle. But that’s impractical, things will never stop on their own. Leaves continue to crumble, bones get brittle and nests eventually fall apart. So photography became my second option. That was the one way I could keep those things around for at least as long as I am.

This series, called “Organics,” is a collection of natural elements at the completion of their life cycle, textured into backgrounds created from layering glass negatives and printed in platinum/palladium on handmade Japanese papers. The overlap of foreground and background -- old and new -- is a tonal interpretation of what happens in the physical world when dry leaves curl and fall to the ground or when new shoots of bamboo leave behind the cones that shaped them. Boundaries blur and endings become beginnings.

2004 to present
Recent projects include:

  • Winner of the 2014 Holga “Inspire Award”

  • Online publication in Italy’s “DayDreaming” Magazine and Germany’s “” in 2014

  • SoHo Gallery in NYC’s First Place Award for best Alternative Photography of 2013

  •   “Unbound2” group show in Richmond, VA  2013

  •  Review Santa Fe selection 2013

  • “Organics” exhibit at University of South Carolina Center for the Arts Gallery 2012

  • Solo exhibit at Cassell Photography Gallery in Asheville, NC 2011

  •  Work from “The Lost” included in Can Baste Civic Centre multimedia exhibit in Barcelona, Spain called “Finding Lost Time” projected by Terra de Ningu Photography Collective, 2010

  • Blog and hard-cover photo narrative on the abandoned and absurd South, “Carry Me Home,” online at and

  • Still photography exhibits at the Charleston Center for Photography and the Charleston City Galley at Waterfront Park (Spoleto).

  • Featured work on the international Holga camera site and publication in the D.C.-based literary magazine “Rome Review.”

  •  Fine-art still photography book “Transfer Of Grace: Images of the South Carolina Lowcountry” published by Joggling Board Press. Now in its 2nd edition after being selected as Charleston Magazine’s “Editor’s Pick” and seen on the CBS Morning Show.

2003 – 2004
Field work for portrait and landscape photography books “De: Images of Latin
America,” “Latin America in Color” and “Of Silk and Water: Images of Laos” –all available at