Marcia Lipmann Journey by Moonlight

December 5 2009- February 27, 2010

Photography dealer Kathy McCarver Root and her gallery, KMR Arts, proudly announce the opening of a one woman show of fine art photography by Marcia Lippman entitled, "Journey by Moonlight."

Marcia Lippman is a New York based photographer whose work invites the viewer to take part in a stunning journey of spirit and imagination. Through numerous travels to faraway places, Lippman seeks beauty through her transformative photographs. Lippman’s most recent body of work, entitled, "Journey by Moonlight" is a result of journeys to Italy and Buenos Aires, Argentina. Lippman states, "Transcendent beauty reminds us of our interconnection of soul, rapture, wholeness and silence."

A highly regarded teacher as well as photographer, Lippman received a fellowship from the New York Foundation for the Arts in 1987 and was also an artist-in-residence at The United States Military Academy at West Point. Lippman has taught at School of Visual Arts, NYC, Parsons School of Design/The New School and the Center for Photography at Woodstock. As McCarver Root says, "Marcia Lippman’s work is an integral part of why and how I became interested in photography as a fine art medium. Her photographs are exquisitely composed and brilliantly printed, a rare combination."

Art critic and writer, Lyle Rexer has written about "Journey by Moonlight":

Artists create their own precursors. Every work brings a history into being, a new path through the forest of the past. Borges tells us this in his essay on Kafka. But every work also creates its own geography, new maps that draw continents where there had been only islands. …These beautiful fragments acknowledge the impulses behind devotion: desire and diminution, a sense of timelessness and the sense of an ending. They remind us that twilight, although it is always nearer than we think, allows us enough light to witness the body’s radiance.