Tricky Pictures

September 6, 2008

August 6, 2008-- Photography consultant Kathy McCarver Root and her gallery, KMR Arts, proudly announce the opening of its latest show of fine art photography, entitled "Tricky Pictures."

On September 6, KMR Arts will open it latest exhibit, "Tricky Pictures" which will include works by Bill Brandt, Elliott Erwitt, Saul Leiter, Jonathan Lewis, Marcia Lippman, Jeffrey Milstein, Abelardo Morell, Aaron Siskind and Henry Wessel. "Tricky Pictures" will contain both vintage and contemporary photographs. As McCarver Root says, "People tend to assume that everything they see in a photograph is real or true. This show demonstrates that this is not always the case."

KMR Arts will showcase a highlight exhibition of gemlike works on paper by painter Gary Komarin.

Komarin's work combines elements of playfulness with poetry, resulting in compositions that possess the energy of a jazz improvisation. Komarin, who studied under iconic Abstract Expressionist painter Philip Guston, expresses his visual vocabulary using a palette of strong, saturated color. As Kenneth Baker of the San Francisco Chronicle wrote, "From these seemingly unlovely methods Komarin gets paintings that vibrate with historical memory, echoing such things as Matisse's driest, most empty pictures, Robert Motherwell's spare abstractions of the 1970's, or the early New Mexico and Berkley paintings of Richard Diebenkorn."

"There is nothing as deceptive as an obvious fact." – Sir Arthur Conan Doyle